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Stallholders by produce (Coffees and Teas)

Cafezinho Coffee

Artisanal coffee roastery based in Surrey/Kent border specialized in premium, organic, Brazilian, high altitude coffee .We do direct trade our coffee  beans from small plantations in Brazil and roast them here in UK. We only trade award winners coffee and all our beans are on the top 30 best coffee beans in the planet at the moment .

We do sell, roast coffee beans, ground coffee, cold brew coffee capsules and soon we will be trading chocolate for hot rink.

Markets: Tonbridge, Shipbourne
Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Sidineia Wilson 07526791449 Email

Bergamia Tea

Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Nigel Abbott Email

Cafe Bueno

We sell various high quality Fair trade artisan Coffees and Teas as well as various other products including hot food such as crepes with various toppings, iced coffee, smoothies etc.  In addition we are both trained barista's with over 12 years experience between us.

 We currently trade every weekend in Twickenham farmers market on Saturdays and Blackheath farmers market on Sunday's. In addition we have traded in various events, festivals all over London and beyond. We have recently catered in other BBC events such as the BBC Food Festival in Hampton Court Palace and just recently took part in the BBC food Fest in the Tower of London. We have further BBC shows coming up in November and December as well as the ideal homes exhibition show in Manchester.  

We also use recyclable coffee cups and cutlery, we hold level 2 food certificate and 5 on food hygiene rating

Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Email


Coffee Van

Market: Chatham (Pentagon Centre)
Product: Coffees and Teas

Gulp Refreshments

Kent roasted barista coffee. Fairtrade teas. Fairtrade hot choc and chai latte. Cold Drinks.

Market: Bearsted
Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Lana Loveland 07506391570 Email

Real Deal Roasters

At Real Deal Roasters, we roast coffees from around the world, ensuring that the coffee brought to you is ALWAYS FRESH! It is estimated that 90% of all coffee sold in the UK is stale! We hand roast all of our coffee, to order, in small batches ensuring your coffee is no more than a couple of days old.

Market: Cliftonville
Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Emma Barrett 01304 3891919 / 07722 009166 Email

The Daily Grind

Large variety of teas and coffees and some cards.

Market: Hildenborough
Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Matt. Marshall 01892 822910 Email

The daily grind

Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Email

The Tea Gentlemen

With our high degree of Tea knowledge we really believe we can find a tea out there for anyone, and it excites us to think that you will give us the challenge of creating your own perfect blend. Tea is all about tradition and storytelling, so why not inquire into making a personal family blend that can be passed down through the generations? We offer services to make this possible!

Product: Coffees and Teas
Contact: Jamie West 07734747183 Email