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Sat 28/10/2017

A Unique Shopping Experience
What's in SeasonThere are many good reasons for shopping at a Farmers' Market...
  • Local food & drink: Grown or produced in and around your community
  • Value for money: Buy direct from the grower/producer and enjoy competitively-priced, quality products
  • Easily traceable produce: Chat to the stallholders, find out where your food comes from
  • Fresher and tastier food and drink: Seasonal produce is freshly picked, caught or made
  • Healthy food and drink: Food made for eating, with wholesome natural ingredients.
  • Community spirit: A great focal point and lots of fun for all the family
  • A new food experience: With tastings, as well as unusual and original food
  • Create a sustainable local economy: Help build up local food production. Reduce reliance on imported foods

The variety of produce available from stallholders is amazing. Click here to see what you can buy at Farmers markets in Kent.

To find out what you can buy at each market click here and select the town/village you wish to visit.

KFMA is pleased to be working in partnership with Produced in Kent sharing opportunities for and on behalf of food producers in the county of Kent which is blessed with an array wonderful produce. Produced in Kent is a trade organisation for the food and drink sector and is committed to promoting the best Kent has to offer. Its role is to promote local and seasonal produce and to provide support and services to its membership with four key objectives:

  • Supporting and providing services to its members
  • Developing and stimulating the market for Kentish products
  • Promoting Kentish produce
  • Developing a brand which means value to the membership,  demonstrating quality and provenance to the public

Membership of Produced in Kent is open to Kent businesses meeting the criteria of membership and upon payment of an annual subscription fee. Once approved, members have access to a wide range of benefits, services and practical business support.
To see what existing members think please visit our testimonial page. Full details of members' benefits can be found here>