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The Eckley family have been farming in the Weald of Kent for over 50 years. Yellow rape seed flowers and golden wheat cover our fields in the summer.

Hemings Bakehouse is currently setting up a new bakery on the farm, and we have a new mill.  So in the autumn, we’ll be milling wholemeal and white flour, and Phil the baker will be baking it into fabulous fresh local loaves within sight of the fields which grow the wheat!  As both Phil and we sell through Farmers’ Markets, we’re planning on pooling resources to get more loaves, flour and oil out to more customers.


We produce Farm Assured crops under the Assured Combinable Crop Scheme, part of the Little Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme.  We are also members of Produced in Kent.

Flour Pure Kent Strong Wholemeal Flour was awarded 2 Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2014. Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. The judges said our flour made the “perfect loaf” with a “fresh, earthy flavour”.

Most of our wheat leaves the farm on large lorries, headed for large commercial mills to make your sliced loaf. A small amount of wheat is milled on farm to make our Strong Wholemeal flour. Currently we are using a variety of wheat called Solstice. It is valued by millers for its baking performance. It has no additives and makes a tasty loaf, particularly as soda bread. Solstice is grown as a bread making variety of wheat, but we also use our flour for crumble, muffins, fruit cakes, and even pancakes!

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil The best part of the crop is kept to be turned into cold pressed rapeseed oil. Our oil is made from a single variety of oilseed rape. No heat is used to extract the oil from the seed, which is why it’s called ‘cold pressed’. No solvents are used either, so the oil retains many of its nutritional qualities, it’s bright yellow colour, and it’s nutty flavour. Cold pressed rapeseed oil is a versatile oil, which has many uses in the kitchen. It can be used at low temperatures in salad dressings, pesto, and dunking. It can be used at higher temperatures, in cakes and muffins, and also at very high temperatures, for instance, stir frying and shallow frying. It makes amazing roast potatoes! It is one of the healthiest oils you can use in your cooking, with only 5% saturated fat and a good content of omega oils, which are essential in your diet.  

Our Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is available in 250ml glass bottles, 500ml glass bottles, 2.5l plastic containers and 5l plastic containers.We also make flavoured oil by adding a few drops of natural essence.  Our Garlic Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is very popular at food fairs, and our  Mild Chilli makes a good gift for the chillihead in your life!