Bray's Bees


Sue or Vince Bray


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We love our bees and have hives in various locations around the Maidstone countryside, including our garden in Ditton.
We prefer to harvest our honey at different times during the season which results in totally different tasting and colours of honey.


Honey harvested from the different boxes, apiaries and seasons. Tasters available to note the difference between them.
Soap made with our honey and oatmeal, lip balms made with our beeswax and beeswax candles. We make two types of our own polish, one for wood, using linseed oil and pure turpentine and also a leather conditioner using olive oil and lavender oil from the lavender farm in Eynsford. 
Gift Bags, drizzle sticks and nuts in honey make ideal gifts.
We also now make our own reusable beeswax food wraps in a bid to avoid the use of cling film and foil.
We find these especially good for wrapping either sandwiches or cheeses.