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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which Markets are open in the next few days ?
On the home page, click on the Map A red apple indicates a market open in the next six days. By placing your cursor on an 'apple', the day and opening time of that market is displayed.

Also click on Diary then click on This week or Today. The relevant markets are then displayed. Click on a specific Market
and the Market details will be seen

What markets are open on a particular date ?

Click on to Diary. This will show you what markets are open day by day during a month.

Then click on the market name and you will be linked to the Market information.

When and where are markets local to me are open ?

Click onto the Market page. You will see the next opening date/day of the market on the 'Blackboard'.

What products are sold at the Market ?

Click on the Market tab and a list of products sold will be displayed. If you then click on a Products, a list of stallholders selling that product will appear. Sometimes stallholders or products can change, and if you were for example, making a special journey to the market, you should always check with the Market Manager to make sure the stallholder or products listed will be present.

What products are in season ?
Click on In Season and choose from Vegetables, Meat, Game and Fish. A Table of products for each month will appear


What forms do I need before I can trade as a stallholder?

Click on Stallholder Advice (top left of this page) and then chooose Standards for Stallholders and Food safety Guidance for Stallholders. This comprises information you will need before you start trading. We would always recommend you check with your local Council Trading Standards and Health and Hygiene Departments.

How do I find out where I can have a stall ?
Firstly make a list of potential markets where you like to sell. If you look at the map you will find those closest to you and the dates they are open. Then have a look at the stalls already at that market. Go to the Stallholders tab on the Home page, then choose Markets. You will find if there are already stalls selling similar produce at that market.

To contact the Market Manager go to Home and click on the appropriate market. You will find the Managers' contact details on the Market page. To send an email click on

How do I update my Stallholder information ?

Print out the instructions (click here) then click here to update and send the changes

Market Mangers

How do I update my Market information ?

Print out the instructions (click here) and then (click here) to update and send the changes.

We would like to find a new stallholder or produce for our market ?
Click on Search for Stallholders and then Markets. The last Market in the list 'Z List (Potential Stallholders) includes a list of all stallholders looking for new marketsalong with contact details.

What information should I obtain from a stallholder before he is allowed to trade ?

Click on Advice and Guidance and then Markets, where you will find useful information and examples of many of the forms etc that you will require.

We also recommend that all stallholders fill out an application form to register at your market which forms the basis of the agreement between each of you and would cover operating standards and costs etc

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