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What Is A Farmers Market?

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[h2]Farmers’ Markets in Kent[/h2] can transform your food shopping experience from a weekly chore to a delight, enabling you to [b]see, touch[/b] and even [b]taste[/b] the delicious, fresh, local produce and tasty food and drink on offer.

[h2]Farmers’ Market in Kent[/h2] bring together the regions’ growers of [b]fresh, in season produce[/b], as well as the artisan makers and bakers of a wide variety of interesting, original and tasty [b]food and drink[/b] – produced locally.

[h2]Farmers' Markets[/h2] provide you with [b]fresh and nutritious[/b], [b]high quality[/b] and [b]easily traceable produce[/b].

[h2]Farmers' Markets[/h2] are often run by the community for the [b]benefit of the community[/b]. In many cases they have replaced the last village shop and have become a [b]focal point of village life[/b]

[h2]Farmers’ Markets[/h2] give smaller businesses the opportunity to [b]sell direct to the public[/b], so you get a fairer price.

[h2]Farmers’ Markets in Kent[/h2] helps keep the rural economy alive, so we all [b]limit damage to our environment[/b], we re-circulate our money locally, and invest in and support over 40 thriving markets in the heart of each [b]community[/b] in Kent.

[h2]Farmers’ Markets in Kent[/h2] are sometimes held [h2]indoors[/h2], whilst others are [h2]outdoors[/h2] with covered stalls. Some markets are a combination of the two – to make the most of the summer and winter weather in Kent!

[h2]Farmers’ Markets in Kent[/h2] are held [b]weekly, fortnightly[/b] or [b]monthly[/b].


[h2]With over 40 farmers’ markets located throughout Kent there’s one near you at a time and place to suit your busy schedule.[/h2]

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