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The Vyneyarde, Westwell Lane, Charing, TN27 0BW
01233 690471 Email > Website >

About Westwell Wine Estate

Westwell is located just beneath the Pilgrims Way on the North Downs in Kent; a route used for centuries by Pilgrims travelling to Canterbury. We grow four different varieties - Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Ortega. 
Our philosophy is simple: plant well, respect the soil and make great, honest wines from brilliant fruit. 


Our estate boasts an ideal mix of climate, aspect and soil. There are six classified soil geologies here; and the varieties have been planted with these in mind. Chardonnay is situated on shallower, chalky soils where flint proportions are highest and where it captures the evening sun best. The Pinots are on mixed sand / chalk soil, and our Ortega is planted in the sandiest, most sheltered spot of all to fully develop its fruit-forward, aromatic style. 
All our wines are made on-site from fruit grown on our estate. This gives us complete control of the full process and ensures an end product that we can be really proud of. 

Product Description

Since we took over in 2017, we have moved towards a more sustainable approach. In 2018, we halved herbicide spraying, reducing it each year. We have reduced non-organic spraying to annually and we do not use insecticides. 
We believe that small, simple, acts cumulatively make a big difference – from supporting and working with local businesses, recycling and composting to creative ways of reusing our waste and byproducts. 
The future for Westwell is bright: we anticipate increased production in the coming years. We’ll continue to experiment - from skin contact to dessert wines, wild ferments, amphora and more - continuing to minimise intervention at every step.

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