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We formed Two Suns Quality Fish in 2008, although previously we’d been fishing for decades. Our current fishing boat the Two Suns is still going strong today. We felt that current markets were selling poor quality and overpriced fish, so it was time to make a change to how fish were sold. How better to show we were leaps and bounds ahead of others than to name our new business after the boat that would be catching our future customers their fresh fish!

​Where we are today:
​With local demand increasing for our finest seafood, we were unable to catch enough fish to supply our customers. We didn’t want to blend in with other fishmongers selling poor quality and paying poor prices to the fisherman, we decided we would buy directly from day boat fishing boats just like the Two Suns. This way we know our products, who caught them, where it was caught and most importantly when it was caught. We know that much about our fish, if they had names like Fred, Bill or Sam, we would know them!

​With growing interest, the time came to spread our fish further afield. In comes our mobile shop attending many farmers markets around Kent. This still wasn’t enough with some of our customers literally traveling several hours for our fish. How do we spread further afield without compromising on our quality and affordability? In 2018, we intend to offer online shopping for fish with Two Suns.


Our family run business is proud to catch our own supplies and sell them on to the local residents and businesses. We can be contacted 7 days a week to answer any of your queries.

We supply you with fresh seafood all year round.

We can be contacted 7 days a week, supplying the local area with our own freshly caught seafood all year round. Based in Queenborough, Kent. We have customers from all over Kent and many more further afield.
Call us today on 01795 660 970