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Tonbridge Farmers Market Re-opening Plan

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Plan sent to Tonbridge and Malling BC.

Market opened on June 14th with 28 stalls attending(approximately half the number than pre-Covid).

The Objective:- to make the market a safe environment for everyone.

Result:-a very successful market for those customers who attended. There was a lot of queueing, but it worked well. The plan is based on what London Farmersí Markets and the supermarkets  are doing

Key elements of the Plan
  • Customers will be able to purchase from some producers using click and collect. They will also be able to buy directly from the stalls.
  • We will discourage the use of cash.
  • There will be about 20 producers around the outside of the car park and a small block in the middle.
  • The gap between the stalls will be blocked so there are no shortcuts.This give us a 20m gangway between the stalls and allows room for customers to queue in a straight line away from the stalls
  • There will be an anticlockwise one-way system plus a one way in and another out.
  • Customers waiting to get in will queue around the outside of the car park on the footpath.
  • We will let 60 people on the market at once, with a one out, one in system. (this will allow 400 customers to attend the market over the 4 hours).
  • There will be 7 sanitizer stations (2 tables with hand sanitizer and wipes and 5 sanitiser dispensers that will be placed around the market)
  • There will be a small PA System for recorded public announcements and there will be signs reminding customers to keep their distance.
  • We will email our customers to let them know how we are running the market and make it very clear on our social media channels how we will be running the market.
  • Stallholders will be contacted to let them know what will be expected from them.
  • All the stallholders understand the seriousness of the situation and the importance of keeping the local food chain working. There will not be any tasters.
  • We will have a hot food and coffee stall for take-aways only.
  • There will be no stage nor seating area to stop people lingering.
  • I will have at least 6 marshals on site to steward the customers.
Notes to stallholders
  • Bring sides and backs for the stalls as this will help with social distancing.
  • All vehicles must be off site by 8.45 latest as the market will open the market at 9am
  • There will not be space for vehicles behind stalls unless agreed with me in advance.
  • You are responsible for social distancing yourself from other stallholders and the customers. Backs and sides for your stall will help this. Use an extra table at the front of the stall or mark a line or grid with chalk to keep your distance from customers
  • Use a large sneeze screen / guard.
  • Use a mask. Make sure you have plenty of:-Gloves, Antibac gel, Antibac wipes
  • Bring hot water for washing hands (EHO Hygiene is very important as we start trading again).
  • Have a clear policy on how to handle goods and money.
  • Do not handle food and money with the same gloves.
  • Take card payment not cash wherever possible.
  • Arrange pre-orders or click and collect if you can. (Kent Farmersí Market Association members can use their click and collect system).Contact
  • If you are part of our virtual market,we can help you set up a basic system or we can point you in the right direction to do it yourself.
  • You may also be able to set a system up on your website or promote pre orders via your social media.
  • We will have plenty of staff on site as marshals but please be aware that we cannot look after your stall if you need to leave it.
Customer information (sent via Mail Chimp)
  • The whole perimeter will be secured.
  • There will only be one way in and out of the car park.
  • The market will run a one-way system inside and a queuing system around the outside of the market.
  • We need to get customers in and out as quickly as possible so we can let more in.
  • The official start is 9.30 but will open at 9am if there is a queue.
  • The market will finish as usual at 1.30pm.
  • Toilet information (sign ?)

Note: Producers selling open food must wear a mask, I may change that to all producers and staff.

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