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Keffir Milk
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Fermented peston (spinach and peas)


I completed a nutrition course last year and became fascinated with gut health for personal reasons.Natural living fermented foods are needed for enhancing the immune system. Filling your body with good bacteria means that they will be better able to fight inflammation and illness. Introduce a range of fermented foods and drinks to your diet for a range of good bacteria, and feed them with lots of fruits and vegetables! The good bacteria in our fermented foods like fibre and the bad bacteria thrive on sugar!!


Mel and I created water kefir and kombucha flavours first and then moved on to food ferments such as the vegan kimchi and beet and red cabbage kraut. The natural probiotics and good bacteria are fantastic for good gut health and microbiome which then helps with many health conditions including my own PMDD. Customers have commented that it has helped with acne, digestive issues and much more. We love fermenting, love the benefits and sharing our products. We are always changing and adapting flavours according to the season. Cauliflower kimchi next! It's delicious and healthy! No added sugar in any of our products.