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Jane Osbourne. Hildenborough, Nr Tonbridge
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About The Fat Carrot

Home made vegetarian and vegan food, eat cold or cook at home including quiches, pies, pastas, curries plus soups & salads and desserts. Also gluten free. Available for catering.


The company 
was founded by Jane Apps. She has been vegetarian herself for over 20  
years and is, therefore, aware of the difficulty vegetarians and vegans  
can experience when trying to source tasty, wholesome vegetarian or  
vegan food. Jane has established the company to help fill this void for  
vegetarians and vegans. She has eight years catering experience and has  
demonstrated her commitment to providing the highest level of customer  
service by qualifying for a Food Hygiene Certificate and obtaining  
Environmental Health Registration with a 5 (top) rating. 
The Fat Carrot is an ethical, compassionate food company, which produces high quality vegetarian and vegan food. We specialize in function catering, supper events and farmers' markets. We are based in Hildenborough, Kent which is an ideal location to trade throughout Kent and South East England. 

Product Description

vegetables are always sourced locally whenever possible. If not, we  
make every effort to source our ingredients from the UK. Our main  
supplier of vegetables is Bourne Produce of East Peckham. We only used free range eggs, sourced locally as far as is possible.


We handle and prepare food in accordance with the standards required for food hygiene best practice. We also pay the strictest attention to ensuring that our food is truly vegetarian or vegan.


kitchen is completely meat free and raw state dairy ingredients are  
stored separately to vegetables and dairy free alternatives. Vegetarian  
and vegan meals are cooked in accordance with the definitions of the Vegetarian Society UK. All food is cooked by hand in small batches using only high quality ingredients. 

See our Christmas order form HERE 

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