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Terlingham Manor Farm,, Terlingham Vale , Gibraltar Lane, Hawkinge, CT18 7AE
01303 892452 | 07540 853626 Email > Website >

About Terlingham Vineyard

Following our move from South Africa in 2007, we discovered beautiful Folkestone and found Terlingham Vineyard in 2011. It felt like home right away. Since then, we have built Terlingham Vineyard into the magical space it is today. We are still loving it and excited about where this adventure is taking us as a family. 


The vines were planted in 2006, so the vineyard was just getting into its stride when we took over. When we did, it was being farmed in a standard commercial way, using a range of artificial chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. As we learnt more, we realised we weren’t comfortable with what we were putting into the soil and its impact on the local plant and animal life. We took the leap to move to natural farming over 8 years ago. This means we don’t use any artificial pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides. We encourage the natural wild grasses and flowers that grow amongst the vines, and we welcome the bees, butterflies and spiders that accompany them! We do everything in the vineyard ourselves, by hand, and we make our wines in a traditional, low intervention way as well. 
Our 2022 carbon footprint audit gave us a negative 11.9 tonne footprint, which means that we are a carbon sink for the area! The vineyard has been in organic conversion since 2022 and will be fully certified by 2025. We’re very proud to be accredited by Sustainable Wines of Great Britain.

Product Description

Wine Tasting 
Join us for a relaxed and fun-filled couple of hours! We’ll start with a gentle guided walk in the vineyard, where we will give you a behind-the-scenes view of how we use natural farming methods to grow our grapes. We’ll then taste a selection of our fabulous still and sparkling wines. This will be complemented by a cheese board, a selection of crusty bread and finished off with a slice of our cake of the day.

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