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CONTACT  Daran Byrom and Steve King. Unit 5 East Stour Farm Ashford road, Chilham Kent  
07504 693989 | 07504 202470 Email > Website >

About Stour Valley Game

We offer a wide  range of oven ready game plus exotic meats throughout the year. We can offer advice as to how to cook our meats.


Formerly wholesalers to other distributors, we have become independent retailers - recognised by organisations such as Produced in kent and Kent Farmers Market Association 


ensure the protection and continuation of English game, estate owners  
and farmers follow guidelines with regard to shooting seasons.

This leads to restricted supply in certain months.

We will be happy to advise you accordingly.


Fallow Deer /Bucks
 August to April

Fallow Deer / Does
November to March

All year

September to April

No closed season

Ducks/ Woodcock
September to January

September to January

October to February

No closed season

Exotic meats
No closed season

Product Description

All our products are all from Kent ( pheasant and partridge  
shoots), venison from Chilham. Also wild ducks, rabbits, hares, and  
pigeon and all processed by us at East Stour farm.
Stour Valley Game is available as  joints, steaks, mince, sausages, burgers, offal, dice and mixed game - great for  pies!

Locally sourced game
work with local shoots such as Godmersham Park,   Cheyney March,  
Fredville Park,  Stour Valley, Denton, Mersham, Bilting Grange, Bettshanger and  surrounding estates to ensure a quality, local produce.
All game products are subject to seasonal availability. 

We are very happy to advise you with regard to the  meat of your choice and how best to prepare and serve.



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