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Tom Cannon.
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About Roughway Farm Online

The Cannon family has run Roughway Farm for over 50 years and grow Raspberries, Cherries, Plums, Apples, Greengages, and Kent Cobnuts. 


We have been growing all types of fruit for 50 years and now supply independent retailers and supermarkets as well as Shipbourne Farmers market. We have recently added a combination of fruit juices to our range of products plus our own granola (using our cobnuts) which we sell on line.  
The farm now grows Raspberries, Apples, Plums, Cherries, Greengages and Kent Cobnuts. 
We currently supply many of the major supermarkets and have had extensive national coverage including features on Country File, Our Food and The Hungry Sailors. 
Roughway Farm is also certified to 'Assured Produce' and 'L.E.A.F. Marque' standards. 
The farm has grown considerably over the years and is managed by Giles Cannon. The farm was established by John Cannon in the 1960s.  
Roughway Farm Online is run by Tom Cannon and aims to provide fresh British produce straight to the consumer. 

Product Description

We have recently added a combination of fruit juices to our range of products plus our own granola (using our cobnuts).We are dedicated to growing the best fruit and we hope you find this juice to be refreshing and full of flavour.  
Our Kentish & Raspberry Apple Juice is packed with our scrumptious apples and juicy raspberries. A wonderfully fresh apple juice with a refreshing raspberry taste. Perfect to celebrate the end of harvest and the coming of Autumn. 
Our fresh Green / Golden Cobnuts are widely renowned for their full flavour. They are perfect in dishes or simply on their own The nuts have a nationally recognised nutritional profile and are a fantastic source of protein:

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