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About Larkins Brewery

Larkins Brewery is based in Chiddingstone near Edenbridge in Kent and produces award winning traditional Kentish real ales. Founded in 1986 by Marjorie and Ted Dockerty, alongside their son the late Bob Dockerty, a commercial hop grower and keen home brewer at the time.  


After decades of disuse Bob set about reinstating the old overgrown hop garden on Larkins Farm in Kent - once the largest hop growing region in the UK. The time seemed right to secure a continuous supply of hops for the brewery, as well as to answer the call of the hop, which the family have had a hand in growing since Tudor times. Today 3 well established varieties grow on the 4 acre site – Early Choice Goldings, Bramling Cross and Whitbread Golding (with some new hedgerow hops planted most recently) yielding nearly 1500kg of hops annually. Larkins deliver to around 40-50 local pubs and restaurants, as well as supplying private customers for parties, weddings and local events.

Product Description

The product range comprises four standard and two seasonal beers, made using only hops grown on Larkins Farm. 
Larkins uses traditional brewing methods to make our fantastic beers from scratch on site. Head Brewer Harry, nephew to the late Bob Dockerty, and second brewer Chris Taylor expertly produce 2-3 batches a week to keep supplies flowing to the 40-50 or so pubs and restaurants as well as local and private events.  
The three traditional Kentish hop varieties of Goldings, Bramling Cross and Whitbread Goldings are grown on the farm, which gives all the flavours and aromas needed to create the Larkins range of beers. We only use whole hop cones and no added sugars to ensure that our beer is as natural as can be. 
We ferment our beer with Larkins’ unique carefully guarded strain of it’s own proprietary live ale yeast, ours since 1993 - guaranteeing that no-one else’s beer will compare!

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