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Hawkhurst Water Lane >

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Pierre + Av.
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About Halstead Bakery

A small bakery making honest & humble sourdough & pastry. Our goal is to make the best quality produce using quality ingredients sourced from local producers, mindful of biodiversity & sustainability. 


We have moved from our tiny back yard bakery to our own bakery in Camden Rpad Tunbridge Wells.  
Pierre started to bake in France as a teenager & hasn't stopped since. His apprenticeship & bond with his mentors gave him great insight into the humbleness of bread & baking from a young age. As he learnt more about the technique and craft of traditional baking he moved to London to widen his experience. deepening his knowledge of wild fermentation & truly learning the care for each ingredient. 
Avís interest in wild food and experience in growing is what led her into the kitchen originally. From early on she worked with others who had the same mindset around the future of food. This is what inspired her into studying our edible + medicinal landscape and history of food. Being able to bring this into her cooking has humbled her appreciation for each ingredient. Avís always trying to allow each Fruit, Veg, Nut or Grain to truly shine in each product, honouring its grower and origin. 
Pierre and Av met whilst working in London together and have since travelled over Europe working with fantastic bakers and setting up exciting projects.  
Our goal is to make the best products we can using quality ingredients sustainably sourced from producers from around England, who have our futures biodiversity in mind. We are influenced by traditional French baking methods, mixed with knowing the stories behind our ingredients & our own years of knowledge in technique & deliciousness.

Product Description

Our speciality is Sourdough:- Country loaf, Seeded loaf, Porridge loaf. 
Plus:-:- Old Kent red wholemeal, Walnut, Chicory+ Sunflower seed;  
Baguettes :- Cheese Demi-Baguette, (Herby Ricotta + Montgomery) 
Crusty Rolls, Focaccia - Herb and Olive, Brioche, Chocolate Chip Brioche  
PastriesCroissant, Pain au chocolat, Almond croissant, Cinnamon bun, Quince + Plum Jam Bun 
Rhubarb + Frangipane, Cheese + Marmite, Amaretti biscuits, Canelť, Pumpkin + Brown Butter Cookie 
Blood Orange + Cobnut Financier

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