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Phil & Debbie. Unit 8, Tovil Green Business Park, Maidstone, ME15 6TA
01622 682112 Email > Website >

About Goachers

Family owned and run since 1983, Kentís oldest microbrewery has been brewing award winning ales with the finest ingredients for over 40 years. Using traditional methods, across a range of styles, we have something for every palate. 


Goacherís was started by Phil and Debbie Goacher when a love for home brewing and an opportunity came together. They rented their first business premises at Hayle Mill, an old paper mill in Tovil, in 1983 and brewing began! 
In 1990 Phil and Debbie purchased a new, small unit at Tovil Green Business Park and a special planning consent was granted. 
In 1992 they purchased their first tied house

Product Description

Each of our beers have a specific water target value, which highlight characteristics that we look for based on the beer style. The quality of the brewing water is crucial to consistency of flavours, therefore each batch is analysed and treated according to each recipe. 
Our malts, two row Maris Otter winter barley, are for use in all our ales and are supplied to us by Warminster Maltings (Wiltshire) and Crisp Malt (Norfolk). 
Our core range of ales have been crafted to use 100% Kentish hops, (Goldings and Fuggles) and provide the traditional characteristics we are known for.  
Our traditional recipes and processes help to form our house yeast, which we crop and re-pitch into subsequent brews, giving our beers their distinctive flavour

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