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Roasted cobnut chocolate bars
Granola-muesli with cobnuts and apple
Cantuccini with cobnuts
Cantuccini with cobnuts


My range of cobnut products started as a ‘kitchen table enterprise’ and the Granola-muesli proved popular. But, you might ask, ‘Is it granola? Or is it muesli?  And what’s the difference?’.

For granola the dry ingredients are baked with honey or maple syrup producing crunchy clusters while muesli consists of dry ingredients, dried fruits etc in a non-baked, free-flowing form.  Mine is baked but not in clusters , before the dried fruits are added so its appearance is more like a muesli.  That’s why I call it granola-muesli!

Lockdown this year gave me an opportunity to try out more products and Dukkha – a North African mix of spices and nuts - as well as ‘Cobnut Moments’, small coffee-time treats or an elegant gift, were added to the list.


Nutty treats hand-crafted in Kent using cobnuts from my orchard on the National Trust's Ightham Mote estate include:-.
  • 'Cobnut and Bramley Apple Granola-muesli' - roasted cobnuts with diced and dried Bramley apples in a mix of oats, bran, seeds, dried fruit, honey and oil, home-baked for a healthy breakfast.
  • Chocolate bars with roasted cobnuts: plain (70% cocoa solids), and milk; made for me by Patisserie Lingaud with my own home-roasted cobnuts.
  • 'Cantuccini' with cobnuts and orange; home-made and twice-baked Italian-style biscotti. Delicious for dunking, with coffee or a glass of sweet Italian wine.
  •  All my products can be found on the St Giles's Church community stall which I am happy to support.