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Eric Chauvel.
| 07817 521312 Email > Website >

About The French Delicatessen

We have been providing local markets with French cheeses, olives, garlic, saucissons, and more for many years.


The 'French Delicatessen' was created in  
2007 when one of my colleagues and I joined forces to offer great  
French cheeses to Kentish gourmets.We were later joined by Ansar and Stephanie.  

Not only are we are present on lots of Kentish Farmers Markets but we also run Hythe and Rye Farmers Markets

Product Description

  We provide Cheese, Charcuterie, Saucissons, Garlic, Olives etc…and also new products like Foie Gras from the South West of France, Nougat and  
Calisson (Ground Almond Sweets), Chestnut spread and more other  
delicious French food.


We source as many products as we can  
from small farms and producers, and get the rest directly from Rungis  
(the largest wholesale market in the world for fresh products),  
situated just a few miles south of Paris and where the vast majority  
of food retailers and restaurants in France get their products.

Our cheeses are then matured locally in Kent and sold 
at their peak to ensure a truly satisfying French treat.


You will be surprised to see that we are cheaper than France.So why waste time and money by going to France?  

Come to see us in our markets .


Bon appetit!

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