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Hobdens Vineyard, Fox and Fox, Wellbrook Hill, Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6HH
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About Fox & Fox Vineyard

We, Jonica & Gerard Fox, have been growing vines since 2004 and producing wine since 2009. Throughout we have remained true to our first love – crafting limited quantities of top quality Sparkling Wines with a unique English twist. All of our wines are 100% suitable for vegans, each wine is registered with The Vegan Society so that you can be 100% comfortable that they meet your ethical standards.


Our wines are distinctive. They are characterised by rich fruit flavours on the first sip, together with a satisfyingly long and refreshing finish. This is a direct consequence of the focus that we bring into winemaking which enables the fruit favours to express themselves with minimal intervention. 
We only use grapes that we grow ourselves. Great care is taken in the vineyard to deliver perfect fruit to the winery. Our wines acquire their richness & fruit flavours from the long growing season, while they gain their acid backbone and freshness from champagne clones. A careful combination of Burgundian and Champagne clones of Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot gris allow us to create wines with enticing fruit flavours, aroma and complexity. 
Whether it’s the pure un-oaked Chardonnay of our Essence, the Fox & Fox take on Blanc de Noirs that we call Tradition or our Inspiration Blanc de Gris – our aim is not to copy other styles of sparkling wine, but to create new and exciting wines that reflect the quality of the fruit and the conditions in which it was grown. 

Product Description

PINOT NOIR This delicate red grape is our most planted variety. We grow 5 different, mainly Burgundian, clones of Pinot Noir. They produce wines that complement traditional dishes such as braised belly of pork or baked apple desserts. Pinot Noir constitutes a little under 45% of our plantings. 
PINOT MEUNIER The less well-known Pinot Meunier is perhaps our most expressive grape in the vineyard. We grow 3 champagne clones of this variety It constitutes just under 15% of our plantings. In good years, the Meunier produces a beautifully balanced wine with richness, roundness and a long refreshing finish. Our first Limited Edition Meunier Brut 2014 was awarded a Gold medal by the IWSC in 2018. 
CHARDONNAY The grape which often dominates most sought after Champagne blends loves the denser soils in our vineyards. We grow 3 medium yielding Burgundian clones of Chardonnay, They produce wines with zesty, citrusy flavours and a strong personality. Our award winning Essence Brut Pure Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs from 2011 & 2014 constitutes just under 35% of our plantings. 
PINOT GRIS We grow Pinot Gris because it produces a glorious juice with elevated natural sugars. It is spiced and aromatic and constitutes about 6% of our plantings. Our first Pinot Gris crop in 2013 was awarded a Gold medal by the MW committee chaired by Oz Clarke & Susie Barrie in the 2017 UK Wine Awards. This cuvée is an example of our innovative approach to wine-making where we focus very much on the grapes. It is particularly well paired with seafood and Asian inspired dishes, the subtle notes of ginger and citrus bringing out the full flavours of those foods. 
Summer 2023 was the eighth warmest on record, thanks largely to a record-breaking June. Of the ten warmest summers, it was the wettest, thanks to the very wet July. Sunshine levels for the April-September growing period were above the recent average and slightly above those of 2021. 

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