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Little Court Lodge Farm, London Road, Temston, Maidstone, ME18 5BY
01622 813080 Email >

About Farmers Farm Shop

We are a growing family business and sell our own, local and bought in produce from our Farm Shop. Over the years we have expanded our range to include fresh meat, meat products, bread, cakes ,COOK frozen prepared foods, ice creams, as well as our own home grown veg and soft and hard fruits. 
We have now added a cafe for breakfast, lunches, take away sandwiches and coffees. 


Our first expansion was a large; greenhouse which was totally $destroyed by the 1987 hurricane. It also uprooted all our orchards ‘ alsothe glasshouse, We rebuilt and continued to grow our fruit and market garden crops and introduced il PYO strawberries and raspberries. Due to poor returns from London markets, our main source of income, we decided to sell more of our produce from the farm gate. Our small stall proved popular and due to customer demand we extended our range and bought from other local growers. This expansion ‘has continued to the present day

Product Description

Farmer’s Farm Shop is famous for its gorgeous homegrown Kentish apples. We grow Cox, Discovery, Worcester Permain, Jonared, Spartan and the popular newer varieties Braeburn, and Bramley 
Cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes and marrows, lettuce, runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, plums, pumpkins and even sunflowers! are grown on the farm, Not everything can come from our farm of course and we source the best locall= produce 
We 0offer a good range of gluten free products, hand prepared freshly frozen ready meals and food as well as a small range of grocery essentials.

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