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Chegworth Valley
Water Lane Farm

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Chegworth Valley is a family owned and run fruit farm situated in the heart of the Kent countryside, not far from the village of Harrietsham.  Established by the Deme family in 1983, the farm had originally been a dairy farm as part of the Leeds Castle Estate.

An initial planting of around 15 acres of apples and pears was planted in the mid 1980ís with soft fruit such as raspberries and strawberries following during the early 1990ís.  To begin with this was supplied to major supermarkets and wholesalers, whose focus was on perfectly sized & shaped fruit, rather than the taste and quality.  It soon became clear that this was not the way in which the family wanted to work and so the change to supplying direct to the customer and to independent shops and retailers began!

Today, the family farm over 300 acres including apples, pears, soft fruits, salads & leaves as well as producing an award-winning range of farm-pressed juices.


Famous mainly for its apple and pear juices, in recent years the farm has seen rapid expansion to now include an extensive range of top and soft fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs available seasonally.

The fruit is hand selected and pressed in small batches, often within hours of picking. The juices are then gently pasteurised to retain the nutritional properties and flavour of the fruit.  The range includes a wide selection of single varietal and blended fruit juices, including raspberry, strawberry, wild elderflower, rhubarb, beetroot and blackcurrant along with a new range of Exotic Juices to include Apple and Mango and Smooth Orange Juice.