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John & George Botterell. Harbour Rd. Rye East Sussex   
01797 222875 Email >

About Botterells Fresh Fish

Botterells fresh fish is based in Rye Harbour. John Botterell offers a wide range of locally caught fresh fish and shellfish.


Botterells Fresh Fish is run by John, formerly of the merchant navy. He returned to the sea via his commercial fishing company, which was set up in 1976. 
John runs the company with his sons Jasper, a former boat builder, and George, who has taken over the fishing. The sea certainly runs through the veins of the Botterells! 

Product Description

The Botterells pride themselves on the freshness of their fish. 
George fishes out of Rye Harbour along the East Sussex / Kent coastline and their small day boat means the fish are never out of the water for more than eight hours. 
"The fresher the fish are, the better they taste!" says John. "Our customers like to know where their food comes from and as a small, local fish supplier, the Farmers' Markets are never more than 35 or 40 miles away - so we are able to deliver on both freshness and provenance". 
If you're stocking up for your freezer, always check the fish has been freshly caught by following these rules: 
- Quality fresh fish should have a shiny "bloom' and a bright sheen to it 
- The fish should have bright eyes and be firm to touch 
- Fresh fish should have clear, red gills 

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