Traditional Cheese Dairy


David Westphal

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The Old Factory Buildings
Battenhurst Rd,
East Sussex



The Traditional Cheese dairy is a family run concern. Cliff Dyball and wife Julie gave up their city jobs in 2002 to make their living from their passion … cheese. Their daughter Rebecca also caught the taste and became the third cheesemaker. David became the selling side of the Traditional Cheese over five years ago at Farmers' markets

The dairy, based in Stonegate, East Sussex had been in operation for many years. The Dyball's maintain the traditional hand made methods to make a varied selection of quality English cheese using milk sourced locally. The resultant cheeses are so good that they have been awarded Supreme Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in prestigious World and British Cheese tasting.


Work in the dairy starts at six o'clock in the morning. Following sterilisation, the unpasturised milk is pumped into the vats and the 7 hour cheese processing begins. The cheeses are then left to mature (3 to ten months !). Over five tonnes of cheese are produced each month some of which is exported to the US and Canada.

Inside the dairy, standards of hygiene reflect the quality of the cheeses. Yearly audits by certified microbiologists have always resulted in passes of the highest levels therefore ensuring consistency throughout.

The cows milk cheese include:-

  1. Olde Sussex rich tangy cheddar like cheese)
  2. Scrumpy Sussex (Olde Sussex blended with garlic, cider and herbs)
  3. Goodwood Smoked (Olde Sussex base smoked over oak chippings for 2-4 days)
  4. Buttercup (a rich and creamy mild tasting cheese made from Jersey milk)
  5. Broadoak Cheddar (traditional cheddar, bound in muslin and matured for 10 months)

Goats milk cheese include:-

  1. Lord of the Hundreds : a unique unpressed ewe's milk cheese.
  2. Tillington a full flavoured cheese excellent as part of a pasta dish.

For the festive season we make Olde Sussex and Buttercup Truckles as well as Scrumpy and Goodwood waxed wedges