Refined Baklava


Zehra Mithen


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Having been raised in London by Cypriot parents we would always look forward to special occasions where we could indulge in some Baklava. It was and still is  by far the favourite dessert for the whole family.

When we visited Cyprus the one things which we had to get, was  our fix on this wonderful dessert. Our family would always make sure that the Baklava was ready for our visits.

My mission in creating Refined Baklava was harness that same excitement which we felt each time a piece of this dessert was put on a plate and offered to us.

What makes Refined Baklava so incrediately special? 

Instead of the traditional rosewater syrup I have developed a citrus syrup. Much of my time in Cyprus as a child was spent collecting oranges and lemons on my grandparents farm. It is this beautiful aroma and taste  that has inspired the creation Refined Baklava.

I am extremely passionate about exceptional quality in each and everything I do and Refined Baklava epitomises this passion. 
Each piece is made and packed with precision and care as it would have been presented in the Ottoman palaces.

I have been baking for over 10 years my vision is to continue to develop Ottoman inspired dessert for the western market.
Love, Quality and Responsibility are at the heart of everything I do. 


Refined Baklava 2016 Product Range.

Market Range

Traditional Baklava
  • Pistachio
  • Mix Nut
  • Walnut
Kadeyif (Shredded Filo Baklava)

Sutlu Borek (Orange Blossom Custard Filled Baklava)

Gifting Range- From £7.50

Choose from any of our Traditional Baklava range.

6 Piece Handcrafted Gift Box

9 Piece Handcraft Delux Gift Box (Complimentary Personalised Message)

12 Piece Handcraft Delux Gift Box (Complimentary Personalised Message)

12 Piece Party Pack

16 Piece Party Pack

24 Piece Handcraft Delux Gift Box (Complimentary Personalised Message)

Wedding Favours and Bespoke Packs- From £2 each.

We are delighted to offer individualy packed customised favours for all your special occasions including weddings, christenings, birthdays and all your special occasions.